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Blackberry 10 R Series Leaked

Written By Wahyu Chukin on April 08, 2013 | 8:00 AM

INFO GADGET - After release Z10 and Q10 soon followed, BlackBerry was mentioned already prepared a number of other series of BlackBerry 10. One of them is the R series still carries a qwerty-style keyboard.

Leaked BlackBerry R10 is already seen on the internet. In one of the photos that circulated on an online forum, the R10 seems to be placed on the middle class segmentation successor aliases Curve series.

Technology Blackberry R10
Qwerty keyboard that is used on these devices is less elegant than the Q10 series is intended for the upscale market.

Not to mention about the technical specifications of the R10 leaks in question. But it is said, he will have 8GB of storage and RAM is not too large. As for the matter of prices is expected in the USD 300-USD 400 without a carrier contract.

Earlier, at least five BlackBerry handsets have been prepared to enter the market within the period of 2013 until the beginning of 2013.

Of information on the 2013 BlackBerry roadmap leaked to the public, in addition to Z10 and Q10, BlackBerry still has three other devices that have a code name B10, U10 and R10.

So far, the BlackBerry is only open about the arrival of Q10. Smartphone with a qwerty keyboard feature is called BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins as another hero BlackBerry awesome.

Reported by Computer World, BlackBerry roadmap in 2013, was first leaked on the forums @ BB10Leaks. But in addition to that information, no further details as the launch of the estimates and specifications.

In this forum just mentioned, R10 is likely to be a BlackBerry product line R series which had previously been discussed. This device will be tangible BlackBerry 10 Curve as Q10. While the other devices are expected phablet type alias jumbo approaching tablet phones.

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