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10 Exclusive Applications For Android OS

Written By Wahyu Chukin on April 13, 2013 | 8:00 AM

10 Exclusive Android Applications
INFO GADGET - The number of Android apps in the Google Play Store is still not as much as in the iOS (Apple) App Store. Even so, the number of Android apps is now arguably more than enough and will continue honing in iOS apps.

Until March 2013, the number of applications that have been available on Google Play Store has touched the figure of 700,000, a figure that is close to the number of iOS-based applications.

From hundreds thousands of applications contained in Google Play Store, following 10 exclusive applications for the Google-made operating system, which is not available for the iPhone, quoted by Business Insider.

1. DeskSMS
This application allows users to send text messages (SMS) and also images from Android device to the desktop PC via Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Chrome browser. Price: Free.

2. WiFi Analyzer
The application will provide a picture of how strong the WiFi networks around the user in a graphical form. Price: Free.

3. Weather Bomb
This is not a weather forecast application on the same in general. Weather Bomb able to present a very detailed weather predictions. A description of these predictions will come in the form of graphics and tables are very easy to read. Price: Free.

4. Google Skymap
Currently directs smartphone users to the night sky, this app is able to provide information about constellations, planets, and stars. Price: Free.

5. Better Battery Stats
The application is capable of analyzing all the applications that run on smartphones. Results of the analysis, the application will let you know which applications consume additional battery power at most. Price: USD 2.89.

6. APP Lock
By using this application, users can protect other applications installed on your Android smartphone by using a password. Price: Free.

7. SwiftKey 3
The application is able to help users type more accurately. SwiftKey is able to provide prediction and correction of every word typed. Price: USD 3.99.

8. Tasker
This one application allows users to perform several tweaks to the specific features of the phone, such as turning on the lights flash when there is an incoming message. Tasker itself provides more than 200 commands. Price: USD 6.49.

9. Friday
Applications that help remind activities that have been done. Friday also allow users to share and record your favorite activities that have been performed throughout the day. Price: Free.

10. Robin
Siri actual challenger. This application already present before Google Now was released. Users can search for directions, local places, traffic information, and much more, just by using voice. Price: Free.
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