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Sony Honami - Closest Competitor Nokia 808 PureView

Written By Wahyu Chukin on May 03, 2013 | 6:58 AM

Technology Sony Honami
INFO GADGET - There is a new rumor says that Sony is in the cultivation of a new smartphone Nokia 808 PureView challenger named Honami.

All the way (of course, positive), will be done by a vendor to be able to survive the competition in the mobile world. Reportedly, Sony began to divide their focus to the side of the camera for a new product.

Honami is mentioned to be the closest competitor Nokia 808 PureView which has a camera with 41MP resolution. reportedly, Honami will be equipped with a camera of 20MP sensor.

Although the screen resolution is still not able to compete with 808 PureView owned, but owned screen Honami ranked second after PureView. Camera sensor of the Nokia 808 PureView at 1/1.2 inches, while the camera sensor of 1/1.6 inch Honami owned.
Camera Sensor Size Comparison
Under PureView and Honami, there are some other hi-tech devices such as the Nokia N8, Galaxy series until the Xperia series. But all is still not able to match the size of the camera's sensor PureView and Honami.

Another newspaper said that these camera will use the lens as used in the Sony Alpha DSLR, Walkman audio chip and high-quality sensor CMOS Cybershot.
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