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7 Important Things That Are Not Owned by iPhone 5

Written By Wahyu Chukin on June 10, 2013 | 12:39 PM

7 Important Things That Are Not Owned by iPhone 5

INFO GADGET - Present as an Apple's most advanced smartphone, the iPhone 5 does seem to have it all which has specifications, performance, and also the best features.

However, no product is absolutely perfect in this world, as well as the iPhone 5. There are still some things that can not be done by a device that reportedly will soon get the next generation.

Here are 7 important things that are not owned by the iPhone 5, as quoted by Business Insider.

1. Has not been equipped with NFC

Smartphones that are circulating lately, most are equipped with NFC. Unfortunately, until the 6th generation, Apple still has not embed these components.

NFC is actually the development of card technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). By using NFC, the user can perform payment activities simply by attaching the phone to a reader.

Apple itself is already "replace" NFC with Passbook system which became available in iOS 6. Through these features, users can store tickets, gift cards, boarding passes, and much more.

This feature can also run some (not all) of the NFC. For example, users can not use the NFC to wirelessly send money to other people's PayPal account.

With the increasing number of stores that support NFC, Apple has had to apply these components to the new device.

2. Comforts in typing

Typing on the touch screen it will never be as comfortable as typing on the physical keyboard. Developers are working hard to expand the application type, which makes comfort in typing rise.

One of the applications that have been successfully accommodate is Swype. Unfortunately, this application is only available in Android only.

Instead of having to type in the letters in the alphabet, users can drag the application (sliding a finger without lifting a finger from the screen) to make words.

In fact, Apple gives auto-text/autocorrect function that can predict words who want to typed by users. However, it is often words that produced inaccurate. The case certainly make users increasingly slow and reduce the level of comfort in typing.

3. Support for SD cards

Almost all Android based phones on the market lately are backed by a microSD port. With the existence of these ports, users can expand the storage capacity of their devices. On average, the device supports microSD cards until 64GB.

4. Capacity seems insufficient

Talking about the storage media, the capacity provided by Apple for its iPhone devices is between 8, 16, 32, and 64GB. Currently, the most widely circulated is 16 and 32GB.

Many users are complaining about the lack of capacity of the storage media.

Perhaps, for the future, Apple can deliver a device with a larger internal capacity, as they once present in the iPod Classic. At that time, it has the largest capacity is 160GB.

5. Standard USB cable

Whether intentional or not, Apple is trying to be different in the case of a USB cable. Apple does not use a standard USB cable for charging and data transfer.

In fact, smartphones on the market today mostly use the same micro USB cable.

6. Watching videos on the other display

Most upscale smartphone already has a micro-HDMI port. Through these ports, users can move the phone screen to other screens, such as TV.

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide the port to the iPhone. Users have to pay an extra few hundred thousand dollars to buy a special adapter, if you want to do that.

7. The battery can be removed

IPhone 5 battery life is increased compared to the iPhone 4S. Users can call for 8 hours on 3G networks, 8 hours of surfing the internet, watching 10 hours of video, and 40 hours of music listening.

However, what if the battery is damaged? Users should go to the after-sales service to replace the battery. Unibody design that is owned by the iPhone does not allow the user to replace the battery yourself.

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